Geneva paint substitutes

Hey everyone,

Really would like to learn the method taught by Mark. I've gone through his supply list but I don't live in one of the regions he ships to. I just would like to run these substitutes by you if anyone would care to comment please?

Geneva Titanium White (PW 6) - Talens Rembrandt Titanium White (PW4 PW6). (Jacksons dont' seem to have Safflower based which would have been my first choice)

Geneva French Ultramarine (PB29) - Talens Rembrandt Ultramarine deep (PB29)

Geneva Pyrolle Rubine ( PR 264) - Talens Rembrandt Perm Madder deep (PR264)

Geneva Burnt Umber (PBr7) - Talens Rembrandt Burnt Umber (PR101/PBk11) -- Concerned about that red in there but I heard Mark previously say the Geneva version is also somewhat red. This one I really just picked by name.

Geneva Bismuth Yellow (PY184) - Talens Rembrandt Perm Lemon Yellow (PY184)

Geneva Black (PB29 + PBr7) - Talens Rembrandt Oxide Black (PBk11) -- This one is interesting because it doesn't contain the blue pigment which may result in a green color when mixed with yellow.

If anyone has taken this route and would care to comment please let me know. Also if this has been asked before I do apologies. I had a quick look but didn't see anything so links are more than welcome.



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    @dewald, no one else has responded so I'll do my best to advise you. When I first started I couldn't get Geneva where I live either so I had to use different brands.  The pallet I came up with is:

    Titanium white
    Ultramarine blue
    Burnt umber
    Quinacridone crimson
    Arylide yellow (light)
    Black (made with the Ultramarine and Burnt umber above) 

    These five colours work well for me. However for greater range I have added some power colours such as Cadmium yellow deep, Cadmium red, Phthalo green.  These and the five colours above get me to just about any colour I could ever need.

    As far as I know Talens-Rembrandt is a good quality oil paint and the pallet you suggested above sounds as though it also would serve the purpose. However, I have not tried Perm Madder or Perm Lemon yellow but they look about right on my colour chart and should do the job. Buy a set of small tubes first to see if they are going to be right and, if so, invest in some larger tubes which are more economical in the end.

    Hope you find this helpful. 

    Rob :)
  • Hey Rob. Thanks so much. The colors you selected, by which manufacturer were they? Also thanks, I was really worried about the yellow I selected despite it being the same pigment. Somehow the Talens paint looked brighter (which is perhaps not the worst thing) than the Geneva version.

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    @dwald, I'm in Australia and use a local brand called Langridge which, like Talens-Rembrandt, are very high quality in terms of pigment load without added fillers and extenders. Whatever your do, don't buy student grade paints. Get professional grade. You won't get good mixing results with student grade paints. They are cheaper but it's a false economy. From what I can see online, Talens-Rembrant is good quality paint.

    Enjoy your painting journey. I hope you'll call in here to show us your work.  :)
  • Thanks for your help tassieguy! Btw Im South African and I can order from Jacksons in the US for cheaper than I can buy local. I just wish they (Jacksons) stocked Geneva as well. I can fiddle with other brands later, but for now I just want to learn right from wrong. Have a nice day.
  • Mark just posted a video on why he doesnt use a black with single carbon pigment. Guess there is one update to my list I can make. 💪
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