I'm coming back to oil painting, finally!

 Within the past week & a half or so, I have just re-stretched onto a new stretcher the incomplete painting on the top right, 24"x 36" oil on canvas. I'll be finishing this one 1st as it is so close to complete, and...
The canvas on the left, stretched and total gesso job, ready to be painted on any day. This will be a remake of Archangel Gabriel & his trumpet statue, I can do this better! 26"x 37" this is quite large for me, so looking forward with my new ideas for this as an oil painting.
 The center canvas, stretched and total gesso job, ready to be painted on any day. 16"x 20", this was intended for a portrait, but it's the wrong size for my ultimate intention. I'll set this one aside for later.
 And I just completed mixing and tubing more fresh oil paint mixes, ready to go! (just in time before an unexpected in May, a severe heat wave, no air conditioner, hahaha!) You can see I have my 3x primaries & the 9x tertiaries, 3x semi neutral +xtras, 3x neutral primaries. At the bottom photo there is teal, turquoise, black (for drawing), and lemon yellow. This was a lot of hard and very fast work in only 3x days! Nothing was wasted in any way. It all worked out fantastic in every way.

 Today I'll be stretching a new canvas for the portrait of my greatest intention and I'll begin the gesso process. 18"x 24". And return to painting.
 It's been 2+ years since I painted last, I have thought a lot about what I have done and that I would like to see changed for better. And I have kept up my studying oil painting as well, some new stuff to try out.
 I'm in it for the enjoyment! Haha!


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