Haven't done this is a while.

Duncan linocut. Draw big scan and print to size. Transfer to Lino. Cut. No so easy anymore.



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    Nice. Did you post this on your site, @Kingston, for the erudition and entertainment of your members ? I couldn't see it there. But I'm sure they'd love it as much as I do.   :)
  • I'm gonna do linocut once to get an idea. Then I'll turn them into art prints at a cheaper price. I saw a lot of prints in my recent exhibition and those are not inkjets. Older stuff like calligraphy, prints are getting back a little.
  • First pull. Corrections, corrections, corrections.

  • This inspires me more toward my goal of trying wood cut once again. I've been looking for scrap wood decent enough to do it with.
  • @kaustavM, I think your drawings would translate fantastically well into fine art etchings. 

    Adequate etching equipment is too expensive for casual experimenting. Luckily every podunk community college, (in the US at least), has good to excellent equipment available to students for the price of a few courses by the semester plus cost of materials.

    In my particular flyover podunk community college it’s a worst odds crap shoot on getting a knowledgeable instructor gatekeeping the equipment. Even if you research instructors, and find a good one, they usually don’t stay long in these places, and are replaced by the usual networked grant application writing dullards before your class even starts. Happens all the time in these places.  :(

    However, you can count on at least one brave “student” who is a pro there just making use of the equipment who you can learn a lot from. You are likely to learn, by just watching them, what you need to know despite dullard instructors throwing wrenches in the gears left and right and leading students nowhere.

  • Linocut is really very easy. To draw and cut. Even the Speedball tools are cheap as cheap. Print can ca done either the back of a wooden spoon. But a good press is way better. Like all things. Just do it. You’ll learn. 
  • @KingstonFineArt, Have you ever tried the little Japanese Gocco printmaking kit? Really easy to use and clean up. I was surprised how clearly it printed. 

    Here’s a vintage unopened one for $25.

  • A quick demo of the Gocco screen printer. I used it to make quick postcard/notecard drawings. They were well received and took very little time to make.

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