Luna GSD - critique/feedback

Oil. 11x14 canvas. From a photograph taken by Luna’s owner. I don’t know Luna or her owner. Photo shared by Luna’s aunt. Luna recently passed away. The ball and her nose were covered with sand, but I didn’t attempt it. Ball has been re-worked a lot based on feedback from others, as has the sand behind Luna, to increase contrast, per feedback from others. she is my 9th painting ever, 2nd dog. took about 24 hours not counting reworking that ball which still isn’t right.  I know her tag is not to scale but it was giving me trouble so I left it larger.  not sure how much backstory to include!  Thank you for your help!


  • Apart from the need for some work on the ball, this is excellent The eyes, face, paws and coat are great. The sea and sand are good, too. For only a ninth painting it's marvelous. Well done!  :)
  • You are doing a really good job on this.  I want to suggest that you check her back leg.  I think you might need to round it up a little.
  • Hi @menkinsl thank you for posting your painting, it’s a lovely tribute to this sweet pet.  It could be the light from photographing it outside but I would check your values. It appears that the top of the head area is darker than inside his mouth where it should be shadowed and the back leg would also be more defined with darker definition. Your doing a great job. 
  • thank you!  I will check those values. I know, without even looking!, what you are referring to with the mouth. The others I’ll check again. 
  • Thank you everyone!  Thanks for your compliments, encouragement and suggestions. I will try to fix it tho my husband cringes whenever I tweak it some more!  I have yet to figure out how to reply to each person individually, as I’d like to. 
  • Put an @ symbol before the person's user name and they will get a notification that you responded.
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