How To Simplify- composition, detail and values

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I found this short video by Ian Roberts very enjoyable and informative.

Maybe you will too


  • I highly recommend his book on composition.
  • He mentions that at the end. 

    A reprint is about to come out.
  • I watch his videos and really appreciate the way he describes design. I haven't really understood design, but as he talks it through I feel I've started to comprehend because he translates it in terms I can connect with. His video on understanding your muse I find deeply profound.
  • Im glad you enjoyed the video @Abstraction.

    I shall watch the muse one too
  • It's like he sees the bones that carry the weight of the body of the composition: the masses. Most of us don't think like that - I certainly didn't. Tonal impressionism forced me to paint that way because I had to simplify the painting so that the first pass is 3, maximum 4 values all painted in masses. So a dark mass might be part of tree trunk and shadow all painted as a single mass (not a separate tree) - and with eyes half closed those masses would match the original. I think this video (with that diagram) emphasises how to use that to actually find and understand your design.
  • He's my favourite, thx for sharing Michael! He's also really well spoken. His book creative authenticity is a good read, kinda reminded me "art and fear" by Bayle's & Orland. 
    Thx for the suggestion Kingston I think I'll buy his book, don't know why I haven't so far
  • I've been following Ian on Youtube for years.

    IMHO a synthesis of Mark and Ian's techniques and advice is just about all you need as a good foundation. 

    I mean between the two of them is there anything missing for a budding painter?
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