Request you all to post a comment under my Blog.

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Hi guys,

I have written a blog on Blogspot. It is my earnest request to you all to kindly comment under this Blogspot blog. This is not for my painting's popularity and absolutely not to promote my blog writing skills. 
My in-laws are in urgent need of money to pay some large debt amount after my father-in-law's death. I'm aiming at selling this painting to pay off that debt. But keeping the price high as this is not a regular piece. Without the help of public knowledge and institutional intervention selling such a piece is extremely difficult. To promote this piece, I participated in the exhibition (which I should anyway), wrote this blog and now approaching journalists to write about it in the news media. So, requesting all to please post at least one line under this Blogspot blog. I want this painting to be found in the Google and leaving no stones unturned.

Many Thanks for Your Support Guys,


  • Have shared some honest thoughts.
  • Thank you so much @Abstraction I replied to your comment there.  :)
  • A big daily newspaper covered the exhibition today. Hindustan Times. My mention is in the end.

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    Congrats again.  :)

    I hope it's a money spinner for you.

    Sadly, DMP has gone quiet and there are not a lot left here to post to your blog re your COVID painting.  Have you thought of asking @KingstonFineArt and all the members over at his site to give you a plug? You're on staff over there so you should be in a position to motivate the masses.

     Hope it goes well.    :)
  • It’s always good to get a mention in a publication.  
    BTW I tried leaving a comment on your blog but when I click on the button to reply via gmail account it just refreshed the blog page, even though I am already logged into my gmail account.  🤔
  • I have tried several times to leave comment but I am unable to. I get to the site that you posted, I can see what you and others have posted, but I keep getting routed back to the same spot when I try to sign in through Google. I thought that perhaps that I was doing something wrong, but I see that GTO also is having issues with posting. I am not very computer savvy unfortunately. Hope things work out. Love the painting. 
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    Hi @tassieguy @GTO and @whunt thanks for even trying. Some people managed. Even some of my relatives and other friends failed to post comment. I feel that it's not easy to post a comment even on a Google product! BTW it can be found on Bing but Google's 'Search Engine Manipulation' fails to find it's own blog!  :s
    @tassieguy I sent a different copy of the blog to @KingstonFineArt for his website under a different title. There's a high probability that the biggest daily in India might post an article on this work.

    I've been busy with some commissioned portraits so wasn't finding the time to post here. I got an extraordinary idea about a large landscape related to our Bengali heritage. Will focus on that plus working on a Ganges landscape. I'm not leaving this group till it doesn't leave me!  :)
  • That's good to hear, @Kaustav:)
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