Painted over a previously posted painting. Better or worse!

The first attempt seemed too dark. I lightened the sky and changed the composition some. I would appreciate your thoughts on this one compared to the first one I posted. Is it too rough? More detail? Not a good photo.


  • I like the sky, mountain and trees and the general composition is good.

    Are you using a reference photo and colour checking against it? I think the foreground could be be resolved a bit more. However, without the reference photo it's difficult to offer suggestions as to how to do this.  :)  
  • Thanks for your input @tassieguy. From imagination, no picture, which I suppose is part of the problem, I've changed different parts of this painting numerous times but can't seem to get it to where it all comes together. I have mostly painted from imagination and find myself in this familiar place once again.  

  • Thinking about what @tassieguy was talking about in his most recent post:  you may not need the cabin in the painting.  Of course if you've moved on from this painting that's completely fine, but just a thought for improvement of composition in the future.  The wood rails add enough of a break-up in the raw nature; the cabin seems superfluous. :)
  • Thanks for the input @allforChrist. I have now started to add autumn foliage to the trees and changed the foreground somewhat, so this has truly become a practice canvas. Maybe I'll remove the cabin next, it does seem to be at an odd angle to the topography. LOL. 

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    I love that you are okay with continuing to correct and correct and correct some more!  That seems to be a really important trait of successful painters on the forum.  I wish I did it more myself.  :)
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    @whunt, if you can do this from imagination, I think we'll will be amazed at what you can do from life or from a good reference photo following the DMP method. Of course, if realism is not your goal, imagination is fine. The difficulty I would have is in being able to imagine a scene fully so as to make a believable landscape. Some folks are good at doing this. Others have to see it to paint it.  :)
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