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David, I started this under new heading to focus on this one question. I have decided to get PS. Do you have a line on a good place to purchase it and what version would you go for? I thought about the monthly and I guess it would be 2 1/2 years to break over on cost. I know there are some places you can buy older versions. I am using Window 7. Thanks, gfish


  • I assume you mean CS6, not 6. There's a dozen years between the two so you wouldn't want to get them mixed up (and some people do!). CS6 is one version back (they recently released "CC"). If you pay $700 or whatever it is for CS6, you're going to be stuck with that version. If you pay $20/month, you get the new versions as they come out, so saying you break even after 2.5 years is not entirely accurate. The other nice thing is if you aren't going to use it for a month or two or whatever, you don't have to pay. If you stop using it altogether, you're out a lot less money than if you had dropped $700 all at once.

    Personally I don't see the point in cutting corners when it comes to the single most helpful piece of software in regards to your artwork. I recommend just paying $20/month (and the first month is free by the way, just use the 30-day trial before actually subscribing). I know lots of people hate the subscription thing and I'm in the minority, but that's my take, and I'm really bad at giving advice outside of my own opinion/perspective, if that makes any sense. Sometimes I'm put into situations where I have to use a very old version of Photoshop and it drives me nuts. Or even worse… having to use GIMP! Ugh! If I was a painter, I'd think about my Photoshop bill the same way I'd think of art supply expenses — nice canvas, nice brushes, and nice paint are expensive, but I'm simply not going to compromise on those things.

    Another nice thing about the subscription is I have the latest Photoshop installed on both my Mac laptop and my desktop PC. No extra charge, two different platforms. If I get another computer or have to wipe one of mine and reinstall everything, it's a quick download and install to get it all up and running.
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  • Thanks for your response. I guess I may not have explored the subscription options enough. I had not considered not paying if I was on a down time. In your experience does Adobe keep the same format as they come out with new versions? Not being a heavy computer person I do not want to have a learning curve everytime they decide to market an upgrade like Microsoft does. Also, do you have to have an internet connection to use the subscription? I have not internet access in my studio. As always David I appreciate you willingness to share your wealth of knowledge on these issues. gfish
  • This from the Adobe website:

    You only have to be online to download and activate your software. Customers with an annual membership, who have provided a credit card to be used to renew their 12-month prepaid membership, will be able to use products for 3 months (99 days) when offline. Month-to-month customers will still need to validate every 30 days. The validation process is very lightweight and can be done over dial-up, tethered/connected to a mobile device, or at a wireless access point (public library, coffee shop, etc).
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  • @gfish The interface remains largely the same from one version to the next, so you don't need to relearn each version. As far as validating your subscription... is it a desktop computer or a laptop? If you can elaborate on the Internet access situation I'll Google around and try to get an answer for you.
  • Looks like opnwyder covered the validation. I have a laptop but use it only at my studio in a building in town town Marietta. I don't have internet there and no one has a local WiFi so I guess I will just carry it home as needed. There is a new lawyer next door that inquired about a piece of art. Maybe I could work a deal. Also a jewelry store asked if I would be their in house artist for a local artist walk event so another opportunity. Anyway it sounds like this is my best option so I will give it a shot.
  • My laptop goes everywhere with me! :-B
  • @David_Quinn_Carder I didn't know you could have it on two units. I have the annual subscription and love it. I will have to put it on my laptop too.
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