Thank you to our host and hello to everyone, I’m new to acrylics.

I have not tried painting with acrylics until very recently, I have painted a little on ceramic art I’ve made but only because I’m comfortable the ceramics will carry the decoration.

this one a small bowl, I have some pieces up to 3 feet tall.

a little over 2 years ago I moved to a new home and still have not replaced my ceramic studio, so decided to give acrylic painting a try… it’s a lot cleaner too, lol.

my first try a photo off google was before my move, I had a small box of craft acrylics that someone gave me a few years back, half had dried out in the little squeeze bottles.

I tried one more time before my move another photo off google, this time I bought some paint and a few brushes.

Around 6 months ago I thought I’d try this again after buying a used easel rummaging a local goodwill and more paint. This is a view from the desert to the south of Las Vegas looking north.

My second landscape was from a photo one morning in Gold Basin, Arizona still trying to figure out what I’m doing.

And my current attempt, this was from a picture I’d taken of Haskell creek in Sierra County, Ca one afternoon around 8 years ago.

I have done a lot of experimenting and repainting, I guess I’m not sure really what I’m doing just looking for something that feels right? On this try I did a lot more just laying on dabs of paint instead of blending, something I saw on one of the videos I’d watched and actually it could have been one of Mark’s videos I still need to better understand the color values… well and everything else too.


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