The beautiful Linda Ronstadt - WIP

I'm at the 'cleaning up' stage of this portrait (iPad shot - sorry, reflection from wet paint, washed-out colour etc!) of Linda based on a pretty average reference photo (posted below) but taken in soft light. It's oil on canvas paper, 21" by 12.5" when cropped. I'd really appreciate, as usual, any thoughts as to what areas could do with some work to complete the painting. She's a terrific inspiration to me - I love her pure voice (before illness cruelly took it away) - and I hope I've captured something of her stunning looks. She's femininity personified.    



  • I love her music.  I was up at the Crazy Horse Memorial a while back and I walked into one of the studios where one of the artists carved statues and they had Linda Ronstadt music playing on the CD player.  The room was empty except for some sculptures in process.  It was a dreamy moment and I just kind of hung out there soaking it in.
    You’ve done a fantastic job capturing her likeness and charm.
  • Love her as well. So genuine, talented, and beautiful - with all the well deserved success and fame, seemingly unaffected by conceit. I must defer comment on suggestions, I will leave that to those who can offer solid and experienced advice. I think it is quite good. 
  • Looks great. I think the cheek on the left (as we look at it) needs to be more in shadow as per the source photo.
  • Thanks GTO for your generous comment. I live in England so a visit to Crazy Horse Memorial is on my bucket list - hey, I'm 76 so what can I say! :D And, yeah, whunt "genuine" is a perfect description of her...
  • Thanks for feedback Richard (I love your stuff by the way). Yeah, I actually lightened that side of her face in an attempt to make the shadow warm and I think your right I've lost some form and drama as a result and am less faithful to the source. I know shadows should be warm and highlights cold but my shadow colours have tended, I think, to look 'dirty' if you see what I mean. I never use black from a tube of course but have got to find a better mixture for darks generally. I'm going to have another go at it and I'll post the result. Thanks again.  
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