9x12. What size canvas do you prefer? And what should I add to this picture if anything? Petals ?


  • Sorry, but I am not sure what you are asking here?
  • That's lovely, @paintordie.  I like the form of the vase and I like the color of the plant amid al the gray.  :)

    You asked what side canvas we like. I like big. I use stretcher bars from 22" through to 48".   :)
  • paintordie

    I am more comfortable on large, 16x20 inch and up, smooth hard surfaces such as aluminium panel.

  • Around 16" x 12" seems to suit me best. I don't have a studio so can't do bigger paintings easily.
  • I tend to paint on anything that is put in front of me.  Smooth, rough, large, small, paper, canvas, linen, wood, tin;  I have even painted  large wall hangings on garden frost cloth.
  • Depends on where it will show, if in a gallery or museum go big, if in a small room smaller is better.  
    On your painting, the vase does not look symmetrical.  The upper left (white area) seems to bulge out a bit.
    The flowers and stems (twigs?) look great.
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      Sorry, I see you changed the title and are hoping for critique on the picture as well as asking a question.

    I love the blossom and the twigs.   I like the background colours.

    I am not a fan of your vase.  It almost lets the painting down in my opinion.   Shape aside, it looks to be painted in a different style to the rest of the work, and that does not view well.   It comes across to me as if you were rushed in doing the vase.  I am not sure the colour of the vase works.   Perhaps a bit of reflected pinks, reds, oranges from the blossoms should be reflected on the vase?

  • I've reached a stage where i like large paintings about 60x90cm (24"x36"). It feels worth my while for a serious painting. But after doing an even larger painting than that I think my next will be en plein air on a smallish canvas because I've never done that and want to return to simple tonal capturing of a scene. Maybe 9x12, maybe a bit bigger.
    I love your colour against colourlessness. It works. I love the soft background. Agree the vase is not symmetrical. If it's dry, trace the side you want to keep, cut it out into a template and reverse it for the other side. The eye is very good at picking out things that aren't even or straight, which is why tools are invented for architecture, etc and I don't think illegal in painting.
  • Maybe a couple of fallen peddles on the table would give a balance to the color ..??? It’s very interesting  :)
    and on canvases … it depends on where & what I’m painting. I keep a selection. 
  • I really like the simplicity of this.  In my area it is very difficult to find frames ready made in a 9x12 size.  I paint on canvas mostly 16x20 or other standard sizes.
  • What do you think of the optimum size for a portrait ?
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