Painting for a funeral

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Earlier this evening, I was asked to paint a Tui (New Zealand native bird with a beautiful song) which is to sit on a funeral casket tomorrow.

This is the best I have been able to do at such short notice.  It is 1.30am now and I think if I keep fiddling I will ruin what I have.   The background is not how I imagined it would be.  The flax flower it is sitting on is a favourite food source for the Tui.  IRL they are an iridescent blue/green in some parts.  I had to use a few photos to avoid copyright issues, so am unable to post my resources.   It will have to stand on its own; so, does it work?

I am starting to see double and second guess myself....any critique gratefully received and perhaps I will have time in the morning to alter any major issues someone may notice.
Many thanks.
PS> The background is more yellow in the photos (phone taken at night)  Perhaps my camera had difficulty with greens?   UPDATE:  Have now replaced the first photo with one taken in the sunshine.  No it looks washed out!



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