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Hey all,

Haven't been able to paint much lately, but hey, at least the fire is still there.
Done 3 paintings recently using  6x6 wooden panels, primed and sanded down to smooth perfection B) .
Although I like a smooth surface, the paint tends to slide around a lot, but i like the fact i can wipe the paint off, which is helpful at the initial stage of sketching and blocking in with a brush.
The first two are from a challenge by KingstonFineart. Had fun doing them but everything went horribly wrong :p.

The pepper started as a painting from life, but had to use an image as it had to be stir fried :D
Tip: trying to paint from life and switching to photos doesnt work :D

Second one done entirely from life,
I have a feeling i've done the plate's ellipse a bit crooked and I'm missing values.

Same from life,

Critique, comments welcome,
thx for stopping by


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