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I noticed that Mark’s limited palette had changed. The new color is Bismuth Yellow. I am torn between Geneva and Blue Ridge oil paints. Can you recommend me any additional colors I will need? I know the pop (bright) colors will be an issue so I rather have some just in case. I noticed that people complained about the Geneva oil paints are too runny. Can I please have some honest reviews regarding your experience with Mark’s oil paints? Thank you so much ❤️🙏. 


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    I had been using Graham paints for a while and I recently tried Mark’s Geneva paints, the Bismuth Yellow is in that set.  I am painting on ACM panel and I like the leveling and coverage of the paint.  Maybe I could have used more oil in the graham paint to get that same leveling but I am not sure I would have gotten the same coverage.  Marks white is a bit heavier so I add a bit of oil to that color. 
  • Thank you so much! I will definitely try them out. I can always add other brands when needed. I believe this brand can teach me a lot to better understand oil painting. I love watercolors so I don’t mind being a little runny. I’m not a fan of acrylics. 
  • I didnt take to Geneva paints when I tried them. I also found them too runny for my likening but I also tend to work in layers and glazes and it didn’t suit.

    I use W&N Artist oil colour and Michael Harding paints.
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    Thank you so much Michael! I decided to go with Blueridge paints because I like the impasto technique more. I definitely want to add more layers. 
  • I use a high quality brand of regular oil paint because I like visible brushwork and impasto. If I want a runny consistency like Geneva paints I can just add medium whereas ,if I used Geneva, I'd have to bulk it up with some sort of thickening agent to get the look I like.  Geneva is good paint but it's not designed for texture.
  • I didn't know Mark had switched to Bismuth Yellow. They tend to be more lemon yellow, though I believe there are more orange pigment versions.
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