The Sixty, Thirty, Ten Rule


interesting short video with great applicability to painting.



  • Thanks @dencal that was interesting 🤔 
  • I agree, thank you. Interesting video!
  • This opens up a way of seeing I hadn't really actualised. Another rule to have within your awareness when you're in the creative space.
    That's where I find rules to be most useful. Helping to analyse why something appears to be working or why it doesn't appear to be working. This is working... why? This is NOT working... why? But usually I've already created the design without reference to these things.
    I sincerely dislike critiques of paintings where people think the rule IS the determination of right or wrong and so they reject it only because it breaks a rule. But to use it to analyse WHY it does or doesn't work is incredibly helpful.
  • Thank you for sharing this..,so much thought goes into these things… really interesting.
  • I agree, @Abstraction. If someone offers a negative critique simply on the basis that a painting is not in accord with this or that "rule" I give little weight to the critique. Those rules alone are never the reason why a painting does or doesn't work. You can have a painting that obeys all the rules but which is monumentally boring whilst, on the other hand, we can point to paintings that do not accord with such rules but which are absolute masterpieces.  :)
  • I would imagine that 'the rule' was created based on long study of what looks appealing to most, most of the time, and that can be helpful and certainly used as a tool when creating. There are many such formulas for 'success' in business that are based on what has worked and what hasn't. That said, I doubt that it's possible to put limitations on creativity. 
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