WiP_Final Journey. Oil on canvas

This painting started with a journey to my wife's ancestral home in a place called Anupshahr in Uttar Pradesh, India with my family, my father, father-in-law and mother-in-law on 26th February. I was busy with plein air in front of Ganges and everybody was happy. Little did we know that this would be my father-in-law's last journey to the place where he grew up and became a dominant lawyer, politician and social reformer. He later rose to prominence in Noida and was a part of a political party.

In March he had pacemaker surgery etc. But after two weeks he passed away  without any complications in his residence in Greater Noida. There's nothing we could do as he was in a hurry. His ashes were scattered around river Ganges here. The whole painting has now become more significant. My wife has asked me to make an official portrait that is going to hang on the chamber. Even painting this landscape is now tough for me.

I'm sharing some photos. Painting is still under process and due to bad lighting it's difficult understand.

Here's sort of Fibonacci integration.

Here's my first digital painting done on my cell phone.

Some happy memories of the day



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