A couple of Pencil Portraits

I decided to upload a few of my pencil portraits as I've been inspired by David Kassan's site. I checked it out after following the link posted by one of the four lucky members of this site who got to see him the other day.
Not strictly paintings but hope you don't mind me including them.


  • Wonderful pencil work Marcus! I think sharing them on this forum is very appropriate. For me, your pencil portraits represent an important basic element common to art work whether it be in pencil, acrylics, watercolors, oils, etc. That basic element is an understanding of the importance and application of getting correct values. As has often been said and just as often ignored or forgotten, is that getting the values correct is more important that getting the exact color correct. One of the great aspects of the way Mark shows us how to paint is that when you do it his way, you get both the value and color correct. This is accomplished with using the color checker and then mixing all those little value puddles for each specific color. I think this is why so many folks are much more successful than they would be otherwise by following his instructions in the videos. Thanks for sharing! :)
  • Gary said:

    getting the values correct is more important that getting the exact color correct.

    I totally agree Gary! The more I get into painting, the more I realize the importance of value.

    These drawings are great examples of that Marcus. They are wonderful!!!!

  • Thank you Gary and tjs. Yeah, I've found pencil portraits a great exercise in values.
  • I'm glad you showed these Marcus. They're very good.
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