Much thanks to you gathering for your support and help with my creative development

 I think this discussion is magnificent. I have had a few extraordinary scrutinizes and examples and gain some useful knowledge from what others present here - not on notice Mark's astonishing recordings. This previous year has made them paint like a distraught lady - as though I am using up all available time and I can't would all that I like to do in the time that I have left on this planet.

I'm observing my direction, paying attention to my gut feelings yet now and again, I get excessively engaged and lost and need an open-minded perspective and that is the place where so many of you come in and I simply needed to say the amount I treasure it.

I'm respected and lowered to report that my work of art "Bouquet In The Window" won first spot in a juried craftsmanship show facilitated by Kelli Folsom - there were around 100 sections and the expert craftsman Gregg Kreutz was the appointed authority - I have loved his for quite a while so am considerably more overpowered and energized.

Much obliged to you great individuals and I anticipate 2019 and seeing a greater amount of your delightful artistic creations and learning and developing. Blissful New Year.


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