WIP - Nude with Masks

This is a painting I am working on for a class I am taking (where I am learning sooooo much!). The background is going to be full of masks on a wall, clearly I haven't developed it enough yet. I'm still in the middle of working on this and have a question about a couple of things: 1) Does her face need more depth? 2)I love the messiness of the background wall. I know I need to develop it further, but how do you feel about the brushstrokes being a little unpredictable? I like the tension it creates, but maybe it is just me?Lol!



  • I like this Allie!

    Watch out for the shadows on her back, seem very sharp.

    I think the face needs a bit more work to define it against the background.

    Love the composition and idea :)
  • The anatomy of the nude looks great.  The shadow on the back appears dark.  
    I like the angle, expression and colors of the face.  It has a Victorian feel to it.  
    I’m not sure about the brushstrokes you plan for the background.  I would say be careful to not distract from the wonderful figure you have going so far.
  • I like this too, Allie …….what if you varied the size of the masks ? And/Or sink them back with a darker or lighter background. I like your figure  :)
  • @Richard_P
    Thanks! I agree about the shadows on her back, they definitely need to be developed more. The face gave me trouble! I painted it over a few times. Somehow, I found it really challenging. Perhaps sharpening the edges will help with defining it (and maybe I should darken the background right at her profile a little too). Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)
  • Thanks @GTO
    Yes, I think you are right. I'd like the background to feel loose, but not distracting. I'll keep working at it!
  • @joydeschenes
    Thanks so much! I totally agree with you about the masks. They haven't been quite developed yet and I'm still going to be painting in more of them as well. I think varying their sizes would make it much more interesting for sure!

  • It's looking good, @Allie. The proportions of the figure look right and I like the composition. The masks are a great idea. I look forward to seeing this finished.  :)
  • Lovely form and idea.  The flesh tones seem a bit too warm?  Or maybe that's just me :)
  • If you carry on the way you have begun, this should turn out really very well.

    You have pinpointed the major areas needing work.  Apart from those, my query would be perhaps the chroma is a bit bright in some places and not in corresponding areas.  ie. She looks tanned on her leg as if she has been wearing shorts, however, her arms and face are not showing a similar tan.  Perhaps she always wears long sleeved shirts and a hat?  The fact the shadow on her lower back is the same as the tanned leg, confuses me somewhat, as does the bottom of the foot being the same hue and value.  I will enjoy seeing this once if is finished.
  • @Gary_Heath and @toujours

    thanks! Actually, the picture I took made the tones really "hot" and balanced them out somewhat to make the shadows look equal to the leg tones (which they are not!). I think it is my phone. I tried taking several pics, but they all turned out this way.  I'll take more pics once I develop the painting more and hopefully the pic will be a more accurate one.
  • Here is my latest with this WIP. As you can see, I'm still in the middle of painting the masks and have only taken a first stab at some of them (also, the red mask near her knee is going to be moved as I don't like the placement). I guess my question is should I scrap the mask idea?? I like them, but my husband really couldn't understand what they were 😂😅 Would love to hear your opinions 

  • I really like this. I think the masks are integral to the concept. It is clear what they are - especially given the title. Just finish them and make them a little more realistic. You could perhaps try moving the red one near her knee upwards and to the left so that it's half out of the picture like the one at upper left. Keep going. It's coming along nicely.   :)
  • No! Keep the masks.. :)
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    Allie i'm in love with that piece!
    I think you're improving ur craft :)
    My humble opinion is, be carefull about the details you put on the surface.
    It looks really good as it is, giving too much emphasis on individual items might take away from the face.
    Your block in looks really well done and you have some nice clean brushstrokes. Maybe one more transitioning tone at where the lights and dark masses meet at her back. It's gonna soften the transition and make it a bit more pleasing visualy.
    By the way, i like the way you created sharp and soft edges, it makes it feel real.
  • I would keep the masks but make them more evident.  For example the three objects to the left of her hand do not look like masks.  The ones near her elbow, shoulder and the upper right corner do look like masks.  
    The concept reminds me of Picasso’s Ladies of Avignon. But in a different sort of way, more feminine abs refined.  I think a lot of how this will be interpreted will depend on what types of masks you choose to put in the background.   I recommend that you not worry about how many you place, just make sure that they are I’f a fair size.  I think they should be sized about the same as her face.
  • I would find it easier to view if there were less masks.   It seems too busy at the moment.    My ideas are only personal and I am no expert on arranging compositions in art, but I think:  Remove the one by her knee, yes.
    Remove the 2 smaller ones top left.
    Remove the elbow, forearm one and make the long skinny one bigger or into a rounder one.  I just feel the elbow one and the one at her back are too much in line with each other.
    I agree that too much detail on the masks would be a mistake, and could become a distraction.
    I would look at the masks as a way of getting viewer's eyes to move around the painting.
    Perhaps repeat the green you have introduced on the shoulder mask, somewhere on the lower left?

    However you resolve this, it will be a really nice work.   You have done a great job.
  • This painting is heading in the right direction! The masks on the wall is a nice concept in this piece. I hope you will keep it. I like the suggestions others have put in here.
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