Rocky Beach at Fossil Cove

This one wasn't exactly successful. I was considering posting it in the Gallery of failures thread but I think some things about it aren't too bad so here it is.  This is a crappy phone photo taken at night under less than ideal lighting. There is glare down the sides and at the top. And it was painted over the last ten days through a veil of pain due to my kidney problem which won't be resolved for another week. Aghhh! So, that's the excuses out of the way.

The big lesson I learned here was not to use a less than excellent reference photo - especially if I have not made detailed colour notes on site. In the original photo there was so much glare on the water and wet rocks that all the colour was washed out. I thought I could 'paint out' the glare but there wasn't enough colour info in the photo to do so successfully.  I should have painted it as shot, with all the glare, even though it screamed camera, because it was the harsh contrasts that attracted me to the photo in the first place.

I won't try to rescue this but when it's dry I'll spend some time experimenting with glazes and scumbled highlights to see what I can learn. 

Feel free to comment on the problems you see with this one. And if you see anything that you think works I wouldn't mind hearing that, too.  :)




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