Why Artists Keep a Daily Sketchbook ?


  • for me it's like doing my morning workout, also I doodle ideas for composition ;) 
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    It's like writers keeping notebooks to jot down ideas on the bus, in the supermarket - wherever they are - to record things they see or hear or ideas they have. For artists, the ubiquity of phone cameras these days has made it easier to just to take a snap to record things instead of doing sketches, but the sketchbook is still useful for working out composition and values and getting to the essence of a subject. But, only very rarely, if ever, can a photo be painted as shot. The artist always needs to do work on photos in sketchbooks and, nowadays, with image editing software. Doing freehand sketches is also excellent drawing practice. And sketches can be compelling works of art in their own right.  So, lots of reasons to keep a sketchbook. 
  • I think it's a way to hone their skills, to keep a visual diary of their experience. In addition, many professional artists use their daily sketchbook routine to develop ideas for work projects. If you're interested in using a sketchbook and don't know how to start, I highly recommend reading this article: https://www.theworkbuzz.com/how-to-start-a-sketchbook/. I have read through it and I think It will help you a little bit.
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