I wanna share my most recent landscape with everybody . this is a combination of photos  that I’ve taken. The sky was something before and I didn’t like it so I wiped it off and stepped out my front door and took a picture of the clouds I saw and this is what it is . little bit more detail in the clouds and it will be done. 


  • Very nice.. my favorite horse is the one facing straight on, wow! My only criticism would be that the babies seem pretty light especially with the white edges along the legs of the front one. Of course I’m not seeing your reference material but that seemed to stand out to me. Thank you for sharing @paintordie
  • Ohh wow!!!!  The atmosphere is beautiful!!!  Quite a wonderful painting.  Would you like a bit of feedback?  I really was pleased immediately when I saw this.
  • I commented in your other thread, but will do a bit more detail here.

    The foals are letting this painting down a bit.    The conformation of the one drinking is somehow off..?  Too deep in the girth, the withers are too high and the shoulder too low.    
    The heads of the two adult horses facing sideways could do with wider chins, muzzles.   They are a bit pointy, like a triangle.   Any horse built like that in real life would have difficulty eating grass. These small points matter a huge deal if you are gifting/selling a work to someone who understands horses.    You will get extra brownie points for producing something that is accurate and believable, so to speak!

    The the dun colouring of the front foal works fine, but the two combined makes it confusing.   Perhaps if you sort out the conformation of the drinking foal, you could darken it or make it a different colour (remembering, foal coats are a different colour to adult coats so you may have to gather more reference photos with the sun in the same direction).

    I like the hills and the vegetation, I do wonder if there could be a bit of variation in the vegetation, or some dirt and rocks at the base of some plants?  I think that would help the eye move around the painting.

    Your combination has made for a nice overall composition.  Well done.
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    I like the mood. I agree with joydeschenes that the young one looks a bit "glowing". Nice composition.

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