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I have observed artworks of premium galleries and art collectors in India & Middle East. I have noticed mostly they collect and promote abstract / conceptual art. I am not yet evolved to interpret abstract art, hence I am not any authority to comment on it. But it's a trend here , I am not aware about other geographies . 

While people like realistic still life/ landscapes but they are not okay with the price points. Now I wonder whether Realism (especially landscape/still life) has any market elsewhere? If yes, then how should one reach out to. I am an emerging artist , I am struggling to understand market for my art. 


  • Hi, @vartikasinha.

    Abstract art is the mainstay in most big commercial galleries all over the world now. But there is still a market for realist work. I have some ideas for you to consider but can't write now as I'm covered in paint. Will respond further in an hour or so.  :)
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    Hi, again, @vartikasinha. Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I'm still covered in paint and still have to go clean my brushes and palette but I'm taking the weight of my feet for 10 minutes (I stand whilst painting)  so it's a good time to respond.

    There is a market for realism. The trick is to get your work in front of buyers who like realism.  Once you've sold a few, people get used to your name and recognize your work and selling gets easier. So, how do you get your work out there so potential buyers will see it?

    When first starting out, it's a good strategy to enter all your local community art shows. That's how I got noticed by the gallery I'm now with. And you can make sales at these shows and you might even win a prize which looks great on your artist's CV. Winning prizes  will enhance your selling potential  and enhance the prices you can ask for your work. But in the beginning, it is really important to keep your prices modest at these local community shows. Once you get known you can raise them gradually. 

    After you've made some sales at these local events, and maybe won a prize, you could approach a commercial gallery if they haven't already found you. Although abstraction hogs the limelight there is still a good market for realism and some galleries are more into realism than others. Check out all the galleries near you and see how well they sell realism. Approach those that sell well in it. 

    You could also try to establish an online presence though social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Many excellent artists sell work that way. You could also set up you own artist's website and sell from there. 

    Don't get discouraged. Painting is hard. And becoming financially successful through painting is even harder. But if you are committed to painting and willing to work hard, success is possible. But most importantly, paint because you love it. Financial success through art may come. It may not. But that is not the main reason we paint. 

    Finally, I love your work. You have a very individual and charming style. I could recognize one of your paintings even if you hadn't signed it. Keep painting.  :)

  • vartikasinha

    Here is a very interesting article discussing the popularity of abstract and realistic themes.

    Art That Sells: Top Themes, Subjects, and Mediums for Best-Selling Art


  • @dencal Thanks for sharing, it's insightful
  • @tassieguy Interesting insights , thanks for sharing this is very helpful. I am hopeful again 
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