New to the forum, introduction

Hello everyone, new guy here. Started painting outside of high school, (24 now) I found marks videos 4 months ago and built a studio in my bedroom. I have done the step-by-step course and the results have been huge.

I used to paint from a projector. I was painting mostly for fun but the more I got into it I wanted to be a career artist. The dream was to paint whatever still life, portrait, or landscape I photographed/ set up in life... but painting from a projector, using acrylic paint, and having no idea how to execute, my creativity was limited. 

This put me in a crisis mode of trying random experiments with paint, taking community college courses, renting any book related to art from the library, and of course watching overly complicated YouTube videos on perspective, color theory and everything else... 

Long story short the DMP method has extinguished fears of never being able to paint due to limited skillset and has given me a workflow that is within reach. It has changed my mind set on art completely and can work continually without larger-than-life doubt on my ability to become an artist.  I am working on a collection of student pieces this year that will give foundation for future work. 

I am excited to see your work and to share mine in the future. Not sure why I didn't join this 4 months ago but never too late!  :)


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