Random Colour Matching Exercise

I just stumbled across this guy's youtube channel, he does some good content but also has a ton of short videos of him colour matching random objects he finds around.
Small brush, pieces of card and an airtight travel palette and hours of fun can be had!  :)  



  • Yes his videos come up regularly on instagram, they are fun to watch.

    He seems to mix to match the colours very rapidly, though I dont know how much of that is editing.

    He is very good.
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    Ah, I don't use instagram so first I've heard of him, the vids are quite addictive  :)

    I've watched some of his colour mixing tutorials and they are really interesting especially his use of magenta and phthalo blue.

    I enjoyed this little mix of a colour wheel, makes a good case for having magenta on you palette for certain things.

  • Wow. He dismantles the colour wheels rather comprehensively.
    Paint manufacturers should list their paints with the closest complementaries - given that the same names can differ in hue, etc from brand to brand.
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    Yes I saw that vid a wee while back and he breaks it down and explains well.

     I Have since purchased a tube of quinacridone magenta.
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