Painting over Stabilo pencil marks

Mark recommends Stabilo pencils for sketching on the canvas.  I like to make my sketches with a lot of shading and detail and have been using Stabilo 8046 black and Stabilo white 8052 pencils, but these pencils appear waxy to me.  I am concerned that paint might not bond adequately to the canvas where the pencil marks are dense.  Do I need to be concerned about this?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited March 2022

    Yes. I think you are right. A waxy pencil will weaken the adhesion process.

    Use a clear gesso or workable fixative over your drawing, though this may just weaken the gesso/support layers.

    Try using a charcoal pencil. This will allow lots of shading and detail and maintain adhesion.

    I use Stabilo Carbothello pencils. These are a chalky/pastel type, non waxy, full colour range.

  • Artists have added wax to their paint for years.  Oil paint happily takes up wax.  The only thing I would worry about is using black, which, if much is used, may shade your paint a touch off color.
  • I  use watercolour pencils and have found no real difficulty with them.  I do not put shading detail in (just a few diagonal lines to indicate large dark areas).  I tend to use earth hues., which suits my usual palette.

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