Questions about painting with acrylic paints (first timmer/beginner) any tips or tutorials? :)

hey everyone ♥ I plan on painting a picture with acrylic paints soon & it's honestly going to be my first painting i've ever done so I want some advice on how to make it the best I can make it. And I was just posting this if anyone here can give me some tips :) or link me to some tutorials that you think i should follow for it :)

This is the picture I wanted to paint (it was a picture I made with the sims 2): (<that's me/Joe & Freddy Krueger) I plan on painting it on a black canvass so i dont have to paint the whole canvas black, and i was also going to draw the shape of everything on the canvass with a white pencil first, then paint over it with acrylics.

I was also planning on using a hair dryer to make the paint dry faster (anything i should know before doing that?...)

This may seem far-fetched, but I honestly want the painting to turn out to have the same quality as this picture, which is what it's kinda bassed off of: (or at least close to it as possible)

I'm pretty good at drawing, but it's the mainly the shadding that I might have trouble with. Also, I want there to be some differences between the hand painted picture... The picture is still supposed to be dark and creepy looking BUT I want the eyes on both Joe & Freddy to be larger & appear to be buldging out of their heads, kinda like this picture here:

I want Joe's eyes to show fear/terror & Freddy's eyes to show evilness/anger. Also the shadding on the eyes is one thing i need to look into because i don't just want them to be white and red circles.

Specificly, I want Joe's eyes to be open wider and to look TERFFIFIED like the girl/Nancy's eyes in the other poster. I remember I showed the sims 2 picture to my adoptive Dad & he told me that Joe's eyes in that picture look more like he's in pain than he's afraid, but I want him to look afraid.

Does anyone know of any tutorials i could follow to paint eyes properly?

and to get the shadding/shadows right in painting with acrylics?

I will be painting this in a couple days as soon as my paint-retarder comes in the mail (i've seen tutorials on how to use that also, but if you guys know of any more i can watch when it comes to painting stuff like this, feel free to link them or share your tips on that.)

ALSO any other tips would be greatly appreciated too :)

Please help :)


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