How to create a Website with a gallery of priced work?

Hi all, This Question may have an obvious answer, but it won’t be the first times for me to do that.

I’ve had a few admirers asked me where is your website how do we find out pricing for your work? My lame response has been oh I’m working on that. Actually I haven’t started so my question to all of you is what has been your experience for building a simple website where people can view your gallery of work it’s pricing on how to do an actual check out. Although I’m not yet at the phase of selling prints and don’t even know if I want to go there. At this time I think I just want to build or have someone build or buy a template website that will show my work and it’s price which they can find from a link in my Instagram handle or Facebook page.  I live in Fort Worth Texas and there happen to be many galleries around but they all seem to be featuring very contemporary and abstract work, and my pieces are probably of no interest to those dealers. Not to mention the fact that I’ve heard they often want to take 50% of your earnings. I’m not closed to that idea but I think I’ve got a ways to go before I can even think about approaching a gallery.


  • As a complete IT dummy I can't help with the website but there are a few IT geeks here who will know how to do this. I will be reading the answers with interest. You're right about the cut commercial galleries take but there are some that show realism.   :)
  • SquareSpace.
    Use a legacy format. My site on Squarespace.
  • I created a web site in about two days for free.
    Here’s what it looks like.
    I had a thread on the forum that talks about creating it and if you scroll down to the seventh comment I attached a pdf file that tells you how to create the site.

  • @KingstonFineArt, I checked out your website. I really like your body of work. In terms of navigation, you don’t display pricing, (unless the painting is on sale) and perhaps you intentionally want viewers to contact you directly for pricing? 
  • @pcstaples
    If I don't show a price it's either sold or not for sale at the time. Some paintings aren't for sale because they're waiting for varnish.

    Squarespace like all tech has been captured by some spell. For the uninitiated the builder is not at all intuitive. If you choose Squarespace start with a legacy template.

    What you need in a website.
    1 Ease of use
    2 High level commerce 
    3 Ease of use
    4 Auto scaling for mobile devices
    5 Easy analytics
  • @GTO, A very clean crisp and vibrant website. Very impressive paintings… by the way I followed tge threads to last summers post you made and found the PDF that you created containing the how to steps for building your own website in a day. However I could not open it. Is it still active and available? I spent most of my career in IT. I read in your website BIO that you have your masters in technology, which makes one wonder if building a site in a day translates to more than a few days for most of us. 😳😬😉
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    @KingstonFineArt, thanks you’re second reply. Your points re “must haves” for building a website are spot on. Personally I may go ahead and include pricing which neither you or GTO did in your sites, I’m sure for a good reason. But since I have already had a couple of requests asking for pricing and having been in sales, I believe there is some merit to providing the price because some people want to shop without having to make the awkward connection just to ask for a price. But open either way. 
  • My site has prices. Under the available menu.   
  • KingstonFineArt yes, I saw that! 👍🏼 By the way, you live in Maine, right? 
  • @pcstaples Here is the pdf with instructions.  If you can navigate The Forum here you should be able to follow the instructions pretty well.   :)

  • Thank you @pcstaples for bringing up this topic of discussion.  Thank you @GTO for taking the time to create this PDF instructions on creating your own website for free.  This is sooo helpful.  If I may ask @GTO, how is the traffic on your site?  @pcstaples let us know if you decide to build your own Google site.  I've been looking for a website for free and this may be just the ticket.
  • @A_Time_To_Paint @pcstaples I used to track the website traffic but turned it off after several months.  But during that time I did get a fair amount of traffic.
    The thing with the google sites is that it is not searchable.  You can’t find the site just by doing a web search.  I think you might be able to do that if you purchase a web address and then link it to that url but I have not tried that.  
    I get activity from word of mouth and from having the url linked to from other sites.  
    The only reason I created the site was so that I could have a place for anyone interested to go to and see some art and bio info.
  • There are many ways to build websites.

    We have to ask "what is the purpose of the site?"

    To show your work is the most important.
    To have the opportunity to show and sell you work directly to a motivated buyer is essential.
    An e-commerce that manages all the complex bits a an internet transaction is also a must.
    Giving the potential buyer a option to dicker is also a must. 
    Built in analytics adds to developing and managing strategies.
    If this isn't important to you then by al means use Instagram which is a great publicity tool. But ineffectual as a direct selling tool.

    I maintain two sites. My main site on Squarespace and on FASO.
    The Squarepace costs me about $220+ a year and the FASO about $90. Square space has a full toolset FASO is way behind the times.
    I find the FASO site to be kind of difficult and their marketing info to be, well, lame and out of date. We need partners not nannies.

    Every year I cover the cost of my main site and then some. This past year I was in hiding pretty much. Yet I still sold 5 pieces. Partly because the ease of transaction on Squarespace placed no obstacles in the buyers paths.

    Building a web site is not the issue. The issue is how do you promote your art? Who is your audience or market? How to mange this once identified? 

    This will be an on-going topic that we'll be dealing with in the near future on

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