Look what my son made me .. My very own Color Checker!

My son recently got a new 3D printer and he had me pick from several STL patterns he found for Color Checkers similar to Mark’s. Here’s the one I picked and I painted it Black for easier use. 



  • What a nice thing to do for his mom. Looks like it should work great.  :)
  • That's great.  Pats on the back for your thoughtful son.
  • Thats great that your son made it for you @joydeschenes

  • Thanks guys ( @tassieguy , @oilpainter1950, @MichaelD) I’ve been looking around for one and didn’t realize it could be “printed” , so I thought I’d share. I’m really happy with how light weight it is. 
  • What a wonderful gift!  You want to ask him to make you an add-on like one I built for my color checker: a removable circular insert to reduce your field of view when the background is fussy.
  • Thank you @skutumpah and @ASCooperband that sounds interesting… I noticed from your 2020 post on your painting of your granddaughter ( which was lovely) that you made a really nice easel. I’ve been looking at ideas for a wall mounted  easel with a center “runner” like yours. Do you have a pattern available? Hope your still painting through your retirement.. I am too , isn’t it great!
  • I retired in 1999.  But the first time I picked up a brush since 1954 was in 2019 when I discovered DMP after deciding I just had to paint a portrait of my eldest granddaughter when I saw one of her high school graduation pictures. 

    My easel, as designed, will not work wall-mounted because the board (on which the tray and canvas clamps slide) itself slides up and down in a track formed by two uprights and clamps in place from the back (see attached file with a rear view).  If it were mounted on a wall, it would have to stand off from the wall far enough for the clamping handles to turn, and the only vertical adjustment would be via the two canvas clamps.  As designed, once the canvas is in place, it can be positioned up and down without changing the canvas clamps.

    I was able to make my easel lighter and with much less wood than the one Mark describes in his video because I have precision woodworking equipment: radial-arm saw, band saw, planer-jointer, and thickness planer.  I could send you my design, but you should understand that the sliding components were built the to a precision of about 0.01" (0.25 mm).  If you are unable to work to that precision, then I do not recommend using or adapting my design.

  • Hi @ASCooperband thanks for getting back to me. I ended up getting a gift from my husband of a beautiful walnut H-Frame easel that should work perfectly. Since I retired I have turned a small den into my studio and I was worried about floor space …but after reassessing it will fit great.  I’m still working through Marks DPM lessons along with doing on-line Bargue Drawing lessons and enjoying it.  I also painted years back and “life” got away with me.  Hope you enjoy the discussion board, It has been a nice resource for me. Take care…
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