Would like some constructive advice please

I'll give some background about myself. My name is Jess. I work in bereavement support. I don't have any regrets about how I do art and about not taking it further at university. I enjoy my job. I work with lovely people and to support bereft people during a stressful time can be gratifying in a way that I don't think art will ever be. My wage gives me just enough to go to exhibitions and to go to galleries and buy art supplies. I make no money from my art but It doesn't bother me. I often go to the galleries to study the artworks there. I immensely admire the romantic period in art with the likes of Rembrandt , Goya , delacroix etc. I think you might see some influence of this in my work.  What I am looking for is ways that I can improve my skills and ways that I can develop the direction of my art ? Some people I've spoken to have told me why should I bother but Just because I am not a professional doesn't mean that I can't allow myself to progress any further and strive to do better with what I like to do. I love to do sculpture , painting , drawing. I've tried my hand at some digital. I may try printmaking in the future. My cousin is a printmaker artist and I would love to have a go myself. 

Ive been making art for me, my family and my friends. If I can do this for my whole life and maintain this freedom then I will be happy. What else is life for?  I've attached a section of one of my drawings .It is going to be one of three images. I suppose it will be a triptych. Initially It was going to be a long drawing but I then decided to split it into three. I am trying to find ways to convey two influences 'control and Freedom"  I think they are very important. Particularly for me anyway as I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder recently. Anxiety has always been quite prevalent throughout my life and Its one of the reasons I never carried on art in university. Its had a profound hold on me and I suppose being told I have a disorder has allowed me to realise just how much it has impacted my life decisions and how much I relied on the need for both of these influences. Art is such a powerful thing for yourself. I would highly recommend to others to pick it up regardless of skill level.


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