A few (very few) pixel drawings.

This drawing ... it's all wrong. I know it. The colors, the perspective, the atmosphere, everything. But I'm fond of it. It was one of my first experiments, and as painful as the result is in every respect, I enjoyed making it at the time. Who knows? One day I could make a restyling.

Ok. Let's talk about the elephant in the room right away. He is a dwarf. I know it. I gave him the little legs. In my defense I can say that it was my first approach to human anatomy. ... And then I didn't want to change it because I'm lazy. But this is where I started to really appreciate 1-bit pixel art.

One of my almost decent creations that I like least, perhaps because I didn't have much control over the theme to draw, nor the size of the drawing, nor the colors to use. At least it served me as a first approach to dithering.

Ah this. My personal interpretation of Mary Poppins as a 1930s cartoon. I wanted to impress a girl. ... It did not work.

Come on. I had fun with this Mash up. Although it will probably be mostly young people who will understand this.

My masterpiece. ... No not at all. But it is the one that receives the most appreciation of all. I guess for nostalgia. Actually, I copied the drawing from a painting for sale online. The only thing I added was the clouds and the reflections in the water. ... And of course I reinterpreted it in an 8bit format.

My latest experiment. I wanted to try to make something that looked like a sketch of a face. Like the ones that cartoonists deliver to you at the fair. I wanted it to look dirty. To be honest I'm not too disappointed with the result.
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