A bit problems

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Good. My first post for my first portrait. I apologize in advance for the bad English. I'm making this portrait. To tell the truth, not much is missing, but I am quite confused by rendering the lower area of ​​the drawing well. I'm struggling with my chest and clothes, let alone what will happen when I have to focus on the hand. I have no idea if there is anyone accustomed to pixelart here on the forum, but apart from the obvious limitations of this technique, the principles to follow are the classic ones of drawing. It's just about ... synthesizing. Do you have any advice regarding the bust? (1bit Pixelart)



  • I feel like you need to simplify the forms of her hair a bit here. It seems a bit too wild and distracts from her face to me. Watch the edges on her clothes and hands as you have quite a few jaggies there.

    Nice dithering on the face. :)
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