Some paintings from December and Jan

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Hello everyone,

Here are some paintings I completed in the last few weeks. I didn't feel like posting them individually as I feel I didn't invest in them much to do so... I'm trying to get a hang of painting again, its not been too long but my approach kind of has changed unintentionally, working too fast and compromising on quality, i dont know if it is impatience or a hangover from applying charcoal strokes or just re-learning the process of painting. And after finishing a painting I feel I gave just my 50-60% and as if I've lost the ability to give my 100.... not that I'm not inspired. Just a weird feeling overall. 

Enough of my ramblings, here are the paintings 

Apple blossom Amaryllis, 11"x14", Oil on gessoboard

Fading stars, 8"x10" , Oil on gessoboard

Purple Basil, Before ruining the background, 9'x12", Oil on gessoboard

White background

Golden morning, 10"x20", Oil on canvas

Floral embrace (latest), 11"x14", Oil on gessoboard
This one I had intended to make a very smooth polished type of painting, but with the speed my hand was leading, nothing but rough, abstract was possible....

Thank you for your time and suggestions 



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