Willow 18"X24" Oil on Canvas

Tried something a little different on the background for this one. Let me know what you think. Suggestions and or criticism are welcome,


  • What a pretty dog … I hadn’t seen your other dog paintings so I went back and looked at them and your backgrounds. First, you do beautiful , expressive dogs. This background is different than your others but I do think it goes well. One thing I have noticed is that the bright green area above Willow’s ear ( her left) tends to draw my eye too much.  Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed seeing your other dogs too
  • That's a well painted dog. Love the brushwork.
    It's a minor thing but I agree that the green patch behind the ear could be toned down a bit so it's nit such an eye magnet.
  • @MJC
    The dog drawing is splendid. The saturation of the background color is very distracting.  I think the background could use a color shift.

    From one dog painter to another well done.

  • joydeschenes - I did tone it down from the original and reference, but yes your correct it is still pulling the eye a bit. Also, thank you for the kind works!
  • KingstonFineArt Yes, the greens ended up on the bright side. I didn't know how much the dry brush would darken the color and the blacks in the shadows didn't grey as much as I thought they might. I did have your comments and the setter painting you posted on my last painting in mind when I painted this. I'll get there eventually. Thank for all your helpful comments. I really do appreciate it.
  • That tongue is awesome! Looks exactly like a tongue.
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