Most recent oil portrait

Here's my most recent oil portrait.  It was commissioned as a surprise present by the grandfather of the subject. 

He presented it to his daughter and son-in-law for Christmas and they were thrilled!  We're already discussing another commission!

This was a fun project because I had plenty of time to get it ready.



  • @mstrick96
    The contour drawing looks good. The value his pretty flat. The ice-cream bar explodes of the screen.
    I get a feeling this may be in the photo. Anyway I 'keyed' up the image a lot to exaggerate.

  • Looks better.  I need to work on getting mor range in my values.  Also, the original look better than the photo and better then the giclee print.  

    You might remember my struggles a few months ago with getting a decent giclee done by my print service.  This was the scan that the service did of the original.  

    Another problem I've been working on in my paintings is with painting too darkly.   

    Thanks for the critique and corrections!
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