Banksy Christmas

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Banksy is my favourite contemporary artist.

(I'm not posting this as a particular political statement and in fact I have worked on both sides of this particular wall and hear two perspectives. And my own government has had policy walls to exclude vulnerable asylum seekers for more than two decades. No offence intended to any particular nationality or ethnicity. I simply long for a more compassionate and kind world on all sides.)
I think of those excluded today... from family, friendship, the company of others, social acceptance, work, a decent wage, housing, dignity, justice, being listened to, respect... That's it really. This is what it can feel like.


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    Great image, @Abstraction. I agree with what you say. The long arc of moral progress may be generally upwards but the slope is often imperceptible and there are troughs and deep valleys along the way. We seem to be in one such now. And then there are walls to scale. 
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