Brush dip fire hazard?

Are there any fire hazards associated with the Geneva Brush dip? 
I wanted to try to use regular linseed oil as brush dip, but was warned against it. I am well aware that rags containing linseed oil poses a fire hazard, but does that count for brushes dipped in linseed oil as well?

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  • I went to the hardware store and got a empty paint can with lid. I just toss the rags in there and pour some water over the rags and then tap the lid on. 
  • There is little danger. And if you do as @GTO said, virtually none at all. I put my used rags/paper towels in a sealed can and I have often checked to see whether it gets hot in there, but it never does. And with water in there it will never ignite. And your brushes will never spontaneously combust. You're more likely to be struck by lightning. Stop worrying. Just paint.  :)
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