Boulevard Haussmann


It's my first post here and I've thought that I can spare a separate introduction and post my recent work instead of that. I paint mostly on weekends, and almost exclusively in oils, plus some watercolor. Not much time invested, so I'm still a beginner. Below is my latest, and it also shows the subject that I like, or direction that I want to go to, and where I want to improve. Perhaps it's a mix of landscape (cityspace in this case) and what French called "genre" (everyday life).

Both architecture, or any perspective apart from most simple, and people are most difficult for me, but as I said, I want to develop my skill in this. Pure landscapes or still lifes are less challenging and turn out much better, but I want to do more.

I will appreciate your honest comments and critique. My plan is to take that study further and do another version, giving it more time and attention. (I do know that windows do not line up and I need to play more with that).

It's 50x65 cm.

Thank you!



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