Member from WC, found this site through Mark's youtube video on painting a mug

First off, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed Mark's video. It is refreshing to see a painting from start to finish that is not time-lapsed AND has captioning showing what the author is saying (I'm too busy 'looking' to listen, lol). My goal is to paint as realistically as possible. Hopefully what we have here is an online community that welcomes artists new to acrylic and oil AND wants to help said students.

My art journey started with a spiritual dream almost two years ago, and has had me trying, if ever so briefly, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel and now oil. In that dream I was leading standing before a crowd of lost souls in a large cathedral. I was wearing a robe and a Heavenly white light surrounded me. To my right, sitting in a pew about half-way back, was my father. Now, mind you, growing up my father was very abusive of me. Verbally, emotionally and physically. To this day, 41 years later, he refers to me as a "good feller".

He has no real idea that I'm doing anything with art, and would not listen when my wife and I tried to bring up the subject; yet, he used to teach art. In that dream, my father had tears running down his face, and as he looked up at me he said "you have found your calling". It is has been my mission to work toward being able to accurately convey what I saw in that dream and in many other dreams that I recall after many years. My work is in overnight food retail, and my wife and I team up to homeschool our son.


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