Hot off the easel - winter tree

Expanding the instructions range. This is a tutorial by MJS, Michael J Smith. happy with the results. Experimenting with different mediums to get the finer detail the the end branches. Canvas. 



  • I love winter trees ! Nice detail and light on your main focus tree. I think I would give it a bit more balance by having  one branch extend off the canvas on the left side, maybe the one twisting it’s way up could extend longer.  Lovely project , thank you for sharing. 
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    I like the sky, especially the upper cloud, and the reflections of the distant trees on the water look good. The tree reads right but you might think about extending a branch or two to the left side of the picture and maybe add some very subtle light to the base of the trunk.  :)
  • Very beautiful scene and it looks exactly like the scene right next to where i live :) the sunset on the other side of the Mississippi river... I've been thinking of painting it since long and looking at your work i kind of get a clearer picture... really like the sky and foreground!
  • I agree with others about some limbs on the left.  Otherwise its very good.
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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your feedback!

    the trunk of the tree is indeed lighter, but the pic is showing slightly dark.
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