Plateau Wilderness - 36" X 36" - OOC

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This is the final painting in my series, The Mountain, and my final painting for the year. It's depicts the windswept plateau at about 1250 meters/4400feet in winter.  It's very bleak up there in winter.

This is still very much a work in progress. All the snow in the foreground needs another layer - I wanted the paint to be thin and flat but that meant coverage wasn't so good and so another layer of snow colour will be applied and there will be more definition in the foreground drifts. There are also a few details in the vegetation I need to adjust. Anyway, I thought I'd ask for feedback while it's still a wet WIP so that I can make changes if people think there are major things that are not working. 

There is no story in this other than the bleak windswept wilderness in winter and the colour and patterns formed by the wind, snow, vegetation and rocks. It's meant to look undisturbed by humans so no rustic trails or little log cabins, lol. 

I'll post an update when it's finished. 

Thanks for looking and commenting.  :)




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