Attempt at studying facial planes through sculpture

Hello everyone!

I don't know if i mentioned before, but I've been preparing for a long time (mentally :D) to paint scares me the most as even though its easily discernible that a likeness isn't perfect, getting it to be perfect is a whole another story. So when i saw a portrait sculpture workshop, i thought it would be the best way to learn all the planes in a face, without escaping any difficult angle... So i went for this online workshop by Heather Personett (great teacher and the sweetest person!), faculty at the Grand Central Atelier. It was an 8 week workshop, 4 hrs every Saturday.... Here is where i reached.. not the exact likeness (quite the slimmer version of my husband! and more hair mass needs to be added ) i would say 60-80% likeness or less. Plus i kind of learnt the planes, not sure could work the clay to reflect it though.



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