SpyderX Pro vs Elite?

I'm looking at the Datacolor SpyderX color calibration systems and am wondering if the SpyderX Elite is worth the extra cost over the SpyderX Pro?

What I want to do is to calibrate my color all the way from image capture through editing.  I will send my edited files to an outside print company to have giclees made of my paintings.  He has offered to give me the ICC files for his printers so I can utilize the softproof feature of the Elite software or I can do the same in Photoshop.  

Does anyone have experience with the SpyderX Pro vs the SpyderX Elite?  The difference seems to be in the software.  

Also, I am wondering if the SpyderCheckr with 48 colors including skin tones will improve my results over the SpyderCheckr 24 with only the 24 colors?  There's a $100 price difference.  

Any advice?


  • @mstrick96
    I've had a large format printer since 2003. Back then monitors sucked. Many paper manufactures didn't offer icc files for the different printer and paper combinations. We had to run the screen scan to get the 24 screens in sync. Then the Spyder came with a device that you would print out a pattern and the device measured the color. It was primitive at best. I actually still have a computer that I use once in a while that I run the Spyder screen calibration on. The screen and computer are 20 years old.

    I just bought a new laptop and monitor. A macBookAir M1 and an Asus HD not 4k screen. Very reasonably priced. The prints from this set up are nearly perfect on the first pass. Vector color is perfect first pass. I updated the system to Monterey and had to reinstall the epson drivers. You've mentioned you have a Benq monitor. If you have a decent camera and scanner you should have little need for Spyders. Adobe Photoshop it is the best image editing software by far. The subscription fees suck but when you need a consistent workflow you need the best products.

    All parts of the process have to be tuned. The Camera shooting raw, monitor, printer drivers and icc files to match printer and paper.

  • @mstrick96

    I have SpyderXElite... it works well.  I have not used used all its features yet.. but I like knowing I could if I wanted to.

    If you tend to be picky, or to wonder if you are getting the best results... maybe go for the more expensive item.  If you split the cost over 5 years its only 20 bucks a year to have the peace of mind of knowing you can really control things, and possibly have the option of doing something you might not know you want to do ... until it is too late. 

    BTW I think Photoshop does do softproofing, which is handy when you are adjusting an image to get the proper/accurate look.
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