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I have finally finished my proportional divider for 3d printing.
I was going to put it on a site called Thingyverse. But they've had a bad hack.
If you have a 3 d printer or know someone who does I can send you the .3mf or .stl file. 

PM me.


  • Are you planning to sell them?  

    I seem to be developing a collection of proportioinal dividers.  I have one of Marks, and then two different styles I got off of Amazon.  I also have made several out of oak board. Am thinking of making one out of steel.

    The reason I keep trying different ones is because I want sharper points on them for more precise measurements.  What I use them for the most is re-checking measurements after I have begun painting.  
  • @mstrick96
    No I not planning in selling them.Who nerd more hassle. The limitation of PLA printing is that sharp points are very hard to achieve. I may try laser cutting these or even CNC. But I've got painting to do.

    I'm going to print a couple of sets soon if you want one I could print 1 for you.

    These dividers are for working from photos. Let say you're making a painting 12 x 18. you'd make a photo for scaling at 6 x 9 to do a 2 to 1 scale. Or a print at 4 x 6 using the 3 to 1 scale. Right now Im making one out of Home Depot yard sticks for a 3 x 4 foot painting I'm planning.
  • Thanks @KingstonFineArt,
    I'll just keep on with what I've been doing.  One of my hobbies is making knives, so I can make a set out of steel or aluminum fairly easily.  

    Yesterday I came across a set of Golden Ratio dividers that I made.  I tried them on the quick painting I did of a cardinal for our Christmas cards and had located the bird's eye pretty closely!  I rarely use these though.  I use the proportional dividers much more often.
  • I make my standard proportional divider with increments down one side, and a hole of the other side for the golden ratio.  Mine are wooden ones like the ones Mark sells.
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