Geneva in the UK

Hi, I wanted to buy the Geneva oils, and wanted to ask if they will be available for shipping to the UK




  • Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I live in UK and have bought them in the past.

    I dont think that has changed, perhaps email the site were the products are on sale with your question.

  • I have bought them too but it was pre lab leak (cough allegedly) so not sure what the supply chain is like now? I'm pretty sure there was a distribution point in London the paints came from rather than all the way from Texas.
  • Thanks. In the past the option appeared from the Geneva home page, but now there is no shipping to the UK.I'm assuming they are not available yet, then - otherwise, does anyone have the contact for the London warehouse?
  • I am not sure that there is a contact for London warehouse.
    When I ordered mine is was via the Geneva paints site.

    Have you tried going to the -Contact Us-section of the site, then sending them an email ?

    They are more likely to know than anyone on the forum
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