Art pricing in categories?

Pricing our art seems to always be a question until we have "arrived".  I just wstched Mark's video on pricing and saw that he says to nnot charge one client more than you do another client.  He also strongly recommends not reducing your prices.  He also recommends using only linen canvas and heavy duty stretchers. (expensive!!!)

I am wondering if it would work to have a tiered system of prices?    One price range for our highest quality work on the best quality, hand-stretches linen canvvas, and another price range for the "studies" that led up to the development of the high quality work.

This might also solve the problem of market "quality".  Some markets consider a $300 painting to be expensive and in other markets, that is too cheap to even consider!

Would it confuse the "market" to have a "Studio" level of pricing (higher price, higher quality) and a "Studies" pricing level (lower price, cotton canvas, etc.)?  


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