Work in progress 20x24" NUDITY

Hi, not finished this yet and has taken some time to get to this stage. I'm not happy with my progress, getting the color between the light and the dark is frustrating sometimes.started of too red and am now trying to change the coloring to a more "classical" skin tone.
(My color mixing ability sucks)

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks for reading. :)



  • @donnchadh4
    You have a good handle on the pose. The light is a bit of a problem. Many of the lit planes are lit by reflected light. A cooler influence. Try not to over detail. The face is great the fingers not so much.
    I don't know what tradition skin tones mean.

  • There is a really nice warmth to the skin, I don’t feel like it’s too red! Give yourself some props for the flesh tones, you’re doing just fine! I do think the edges could use some work, especially by the elbow which I feel gets a little lost. 
    And your handling on the hair and the slight angle of the face, absolutely incredible. 
  • Thank you @KingstonFineArt all good points, I've been working from left to right, I spent most of the time on the back. I do hate doing hands so yep I have to work on them.
    And by classical skin tone I explained it badly, I ment the predominantly pale skin found in 1800s/Bouguereau style.
  • @tinafigartist thanks for the support, my edges are a problem though I agree, the hair is blocked in and not finished yet, I guess I don't know what finish I'm looking for.
  • @donnchadh4 One thing I’m learning myself is that not everything needs a second layer. If you’re happy with how it’s looking, you can leave it! I would say to add a few loose strands and the hair could be done 
  • Really well done! Looking great already!
    I might be wrong, but I think the values could slightly be off. I think the lightest parts are not present and it gives the picture a flatter look ever so slightly. But it could also be the illusion of the bluish grey surrounding making it difficult for my brain to accept it. I believe it is also due to the issue @KingstonFineArt mentioned, that the warm colours of the shadow areas are not really meant to be warm, if the ground is of a cool colour.
    Once again this picture is beautiful as it is, and I'm just trying to find ways to improve it maybe. Keep it up
  • This is coming along great. You are not happy with your progress, thats ok because it means you want to improve it.
    Also if you leave it alone for a day or two you may feel differently about it. Some useful advice al;ready given above.

    I think you have caught her elegance beautifully.

  • Well… I think you’ve done a fabulous job.  I love the hair and head especially.  The only thing I see are some bright spots on the hand that need to be corrected.  Beautiful work.
  • edited November 20
    Good drawing and proportions. Before you begin adjusting value and color on the figure I would suggest making the environment more convincing. It seems a bit stark. I think it works better to approach the painting as a “whole” during the whole process. 
  • Thanks for all the comments, I did leave it for a few days before going back to painting it. I'm trying to push the realism as far as I can it's more a painting for learning for me, I don't really enjoy doing it unfortunately. I'm working from left to right so the hands and legs still need done, the arm too. And the hair.

    Hopefully the next painting I post it'll be finished.

  • I think the red tones through the skin bring this to life in a way all those porcelain portraits don't usually do. It's warm, a living person - not cold paint. You've made good progress from the first version above.
  • You are doing such a good job of this.  Please post a picture when you finish it.  I would like to see the end result.
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