Still at it, a lemon.

Still pushing paint. A lemon. 

Also continuing delving into various artists lessons on YouTube and the different techniques they use. Along with Mark’s work, I love the works of Michael J Smith, Andrew Tischler, Helen Van Wyk, all who have instructional material available. Need to pick one and stick with with it, but that is a critical decision. I think Tischler may be geared for more advanced talent that needs tweaking, while Smith and Van Wyk may be more beginner based. I could be wrong and if anyone has any insight they would like to share that would be great.



  • This looks great. I like the values and texture you’ve done.  
  • I'd stick with Mark Carder if I were you, and branch out later.
  • I agree with the others here.  I do think you will regret trying to learn from someone else.  I've been there, done that with countless people and countless methods.  

    Your lemon has great realism, though the shape does seem a little off.  But I can see a lemon looking like that regardless.  I encourage you to pick a still life with a background you can copy too.
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    I think the Carder method worked well for me and still is... and so may be I'm biased when i support his technique more. 
    The lemon looks good. I would suggest always keep an eye on the overall picture... we all get caught in being drawn in to perfecting the little parts but lose the larger vision of shape, shadow lines, value differences
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