Geneva Paint

It looks like Mark has got Geneva paint production back up and running and sale pricing too! 
I’ve not tried using his paint but I think Santa  may have to leave some in my Christmas stocking.  🌲😀


  • @GTO, I think you'll enjoy using his paint if you like painting wet into wet.  It's ready to go right out of the tube and needs no added medium.   Dries slowly if you like that.

    I'm still trying other paints and find myself having to mix small amounts of color because other paints dry so fast!  If I mix enough to do an entire painting like I can do with Geneva, I waste a lot of it.

    I've also used his recipe for the show dry medium and mied it with W&N paints to make a paint similar to Geneva.  I like it too.
  • @mstrick96 I’ve been using a slow dry medium of clove and walnut oil and use Graham paint.  But I really want to try the Geneva paint to see how that compares.  I am also very interested in the color and coverage of Geneva paint.  I use the limited pallet that Mark uses.
  • Looks like they have changed their yellow paint from Cadmium Yellow to Bismuth Yellow.

  • Bismuth yellow looks lik eit will be a good yellow.  According to the Geneve site, the particular pigment they are using leans neither towared the orange nor toward the blue, so it should be great for mixing.  

    I wonder where Mark buys his pigments?
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