Children's book art

I didn't want to divert @tassieguy 's thread on another topic, but I wanted to build on @KingstonFineArt 's point that children's books can be art.
Shuan Tan's wordless graphic novel The Arrival is so incredibly powerful and moving. It overwhelmingly captures so many feelings of the complexity, disruption, strangeness, longings, struggles and journey for someone to emigrate.
These are roughly in order but from random parts of the work which doesn't show the vast scope it covers.
Alone in a new world...



  • They have a lot of heart and are skillfully done.
  • Wow, a much better sepia effect than I was able to accomplish with the series I did.

    Many of the children's books I grew up with were illustrated by well known artists in their day.     The plates in those books were actual paintings, some of which hang to this day in museum galleries.  Many more have, do, and will continue to grace the catalogues of auction houses such as Christies and Sotheby's.  How much more "fine art" can you get than that, I wonder??

    I can't understand how some people can or seem to separate illustration from fine art?    Why should there even be a difference, especially when sometimes they are one and the same thing?
  • An a once upon a time illustrator I fully agree. For me if it wasn't fun it wasn't art. That me reading the book.

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